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Day 2: Pennsylvania Soldiers' and Sailors' Home & Cleveland, OH

Day 2 was very interesting. We met Karl Clark, a Vietnam War veteran, at the Pennsylvania Soldiers' and Sailors' home in Erie, PA. He served in the Marine Corp and spent 13 months in Vietnam near Danang and the de-militarized zone (DMZ).


Day 1: August 1, 2004 - Erie, Pennsylvania

The Road of Life Adventure headed to Presque Isle State Park to greet beachgoers and to pass out old fashioned, wooden YoYos. Being across the street from a busy playground, we met a lot of kids and their parents and grandparents. The point is that these kids need to know their background and family value system--before it's too late. LifeBio helps people get this recorded. Everyone enjoyed a look at the Mustang Memory Mobile which is covered in photos and packed with our traveling gear.


Preparing for the Road of Life Adventure--Beth, LifeBio's founder & president

Greetings from LifeBio! My first audio post describes why I am so excited about the upcoming Road of Life Adventure! I can't wait to meet LifeBio's members along the way!

READ MORE's Road of Life Adventure is hitting the road this summer! From August 1st through August 7th, LifeBio will tour the midwest with our Road of Life Adventure, making stops in Erie, PA, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, down Route 66, and back through Indiana and Ohio.


New App Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Voice and Visual Prompts Coupled with Reminiscence Therapy to Enhance Quality Care and Quality of Life for Older Adults

LifeBio announced LifeBio Memory, a revolutionary reminiscence therapy (RT) life story app that blends the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology with voice and visual prompts to improve quality care and health outcomes for older adults. 


Grandma and granddaughter connect long distance using

J.D. Whitman discovered the life of an amazing person, her grandmother--Mary Katherine O’Grady Coombs, when she began a school project using


LifeBio receives caregiver award


Beth Sanders


Tell Your Life Story Contest - in Woman's World Magazine!

Fascinating entries are just rolling in to LifeBio's 2009 $1,000 Tell Your Life Story Contest. It's FREE. Please enter now....we are going to be posting some of these amazing life stories soon at!