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LifeBio helps those with terminal illnesses to write a letter to future generations

LifeBio's new "Letter to My Children and Loved Ones" template provides a simple approach to empower mothers and fathers to share their memories, wishes, and advice with present and future generations.


Loneliness is associated with higher health care utilization among older adults

Mar 2015 - A new study. published in the American Journal of Public Health, finds that loneliness is associated with higher health care utilization (more doctor visits).  We find this of great importance at because we are building interventions to connect seniors to other seniors using reminiscence therapy to build positive, lasting relationships to increase social connectedness in health care, senior care, and home settings.


Software for building a social history or lifestyle assessment online

If you have been looking for a way to automate and improve the gathering of social history and lifestyle assessment data, LifeBio has a solution for you.  Using LifeBio's web-based collaborative database, it is possible to load in your organization's preferred social and spiritual history templates so that electronic data can be compiled and stored privately inside LifeBio's database. This data can also be integrated between LifeBio and your preferred electronic health record system.


"Write My Life Story, Why?"

It was surprising to me to talk with an avid genealogist who couldn't see the value in writing her own life story.  "Write my life story, why?" she said.  I was puzzled.  Why wouldn't a genealogist see the value in her own life story?  Instead she was focused on uncovering the lives of her deceased relatives.


3 Innovations in Memory Care for Senior Living & Health Care

Below is a roundup of some of my favorite solutions for innovations in memory care  

Here is a link to more about the affordable solutions from LifeBio that work in both memory care and in senior living/health care (we feel that knowing the whole person and capturing life stories effectively is so very important---we make it simple to gather at least a simple biography on every person using the web, an app, or our Life Story Guide or our MemoryBio Photo Album for starting conversations with those who have dementia), but I am also going to suggest some of my favorite programs that are also complementary....


One Place to Store All Your Family Memories

I was talking with a friend the other day about what LifeBio does, and she said, "Do you mean that I can start a memory book for my 9-year-old son now and keep adding to it until he turns 18 and give him the book for graduation?" I said, "Yes, that's right. We know you want to tell the story of your son and capture the fun time and funny things that are said and done through the years...along with photos and videos."


LifeBio Question of the Month for January 2015: Describe your childhood home, inside and outside.

This is how the house looks today (and our family doesn't live there anymore).
The gray house on the left. The sunporch is now enclosed.

Here's my answer to this LifeBio question--I hope you enjoy answering it too.  There are plenty more where this one comes from--just visit and get started.  You'll be surprised where your memories go as you open your mind and begin remembering.


How to write my biography in 2015 or beyond

Here are a few key biography questions to ask yourself as you kick off your biography in 2015. 
They may see fairly simple ways to start, but they will do just that....get you started.