Count Your Blessings

One of my blessings that I regularly look forward to is that I get to partake in a group telephone call each week. Most weeks there are 15 to 25 people on the call. We live in different states all across the United States, and we range in age from being in our 40s to our 80s. Each week we try to talk about a different topic, and we generally avoid politics or controversial topics. We may also share our joys and sorrows from week to week, and when needed we may ask for prayers and uplifting thoughts. As an unspoken rule though, we aim to keep things positive and pretty upbeat.


Emotional Wellness- Part 2 of 2

(This is a continuation from LifeBio’s blog on Emotional Wellness from Tuesday, June 30th.)


Storytelling and Emotional Wellness

Being a storyteller allows us to have control of the story we share. When we are allowed to construct a story, we get to determine the important parts. We can choose what to include, and we can filter out things that we deem smaller or less significant. We can find the deeper meaning in it all. We get to determine the significant characters, the important events, the turning points that we tell, and how things shape us. While living through events, we can interpret them through storytelling. We can decide if and what we want to share from our story with others on our journey. Jonathan Adler, PhD and professor of psychology, says, “You may not have control over all your circumstances, but you can choose how to tell the story.”