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LifeBio Question of the Month for January 2015: Describe your childhood home, inside and outside.

This is how the house looks today (and our family doesn't live there anymore).
The gray house on the left. The sunporch is now enclosed.

Here's my answer to this LifeBio question--I hope you enjoy answering it too.  There are plenty more where this one comes from--just visit and get started.  You'll be surprised where your memories go as you open your mind and begin remembering.


How to write my biography in 2015 or beyond

Here are a few key biography questions to ask yourself as you kick off your biography in 2015. 
They may see fairly simple ways to start, but they will do just that....get you started. 


Video recording my mom and dad using the new App

I will see my mom and dad over the Christmas holiday, and I've got to get some more video of these amazing parents.  I think about all that they have lived through -- their own personal history and just history.  I recall the highs and lows (that I know of) from their lives.  I love being with them and just observing their mannerisms, and it is so great to hear them tell a story. 


The most important new year's resolution -- the life story

Life Stories & Connecting with Your Family is a Great New Year's Resolution

Of course, I am going to say it. As the founder of LifeBio, I am going to suggest that your New Year's Resolution be that you finally get around to helping that special loved one tell his or her life story.


Tell grandpa's life story and create grandpa's book

I wish I had had the chance to record my grandfather's life story. I can remember just a few things about him now---just a moment here and there.  I remember him taking me to a garden center in his big car (that resembles an Edsel in my memory).  I remember him driving a similar big, old car down the street to tell me that my little brother had been born that morning! We had an exciting day at school telling all our friends about our new little brother. 


Veterans History Told -- at Home with Family

Veterans History Told to Grandchildren Matters

It was amazing to see my son, David, sitting with his grandpa recently and listening closely as my father recounted his experiences during the Vietnam War.  Dad served in the 4th Infantry Division as a truck driver in 1967 and part of 1968.  He shared about his tent being shot full of holes near Dak To in Kon Tum Province in late 1967, spending hours in a small bunker with 20 other guys, leading a convoy of trucks away from the fighting, blowing up his truck when he and his friend, John, hit a landmine, and enjoying Bob Hope's visit on a hillside one day.  There were some funny experiences and some very scary times shared. 


Write My Autobiography

You may be asking?  How can I write my autobiography.  In fact, it can be a matter of just answering a few questions--but it helps if you aren't staring at a blank sheet of paper.  Sometimes, even if you're planning a whole book, it may be just good to start simple with the basics of your life history.  Maybe you're just interested in sharing your life story with your children and grandchildren. 


Memories Book

Sometimes people are looking for a memories book for their parents or grandparents because someone is reaching old age, or facing a life-threatening illness, or experiencing memory loss or Alzheimer's Disease.   These are all common reasons for wanting to create a book of memories without delay or difficulty. 


Private Online Journal

I've been putting pencil to paper for so many years now in numerous physical journals.  Here are a few things that I love to journal about....