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Long Term Care/Skilled Nursing

Knowing a person's story helps staff learn who a person is and enhances person-centered care.

In Long Term Care and Skilled Nursing, having staff know each person’s life story and preferences can result in reducing depression and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of care.

CMS regulations related to LifeBio are: 

  • Person-Centered Care– 483.5 – Enhance quality of life and recognize individuality.  
  • Comprehensive Person-Centered Care Planning– 483.21 (F636, F656) – Know strengths, goals, life history, and preferences. Attain or maintain the resident’s highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial wellbeing.
  • Life Enrichment/Activities– 483.24 (F679) – Know interests, hobbies, and cultural preferences. Create opportunities for each resident to have a meaningful life by supporting domains of wellbeing. 
  • Behavioral Health/Dementia Care– 483.40 & 483.24 (F679) – Individualized care  plans must be developed based on resident’s previous lifestyle and reduce boredom, loneliness, and frustration. Knowing the person’s history is key.

Taking these guidelines into consideration, LifeBio has created a streamlined process to meet the needs of each community. Staff, volunteers, or residents with their families can help gather story information. 

We have introduced a new app called LifeBio Memory (available on iOS or Android tablets or smartphones) to assist your organization in learning and knowing the person's story.  The app will voice record a person's story OR it can help the family record the story too (if someone is unable to communicate themselves). In addition, Phone Interviews or Journals can be used as well.  

The story process in Long Term Care and Skilled Nursing typically creates three products.


LifeBio will customize agreements for every community.

Options Include: 

  • Video training and live training
  • Phone Interviews with family members of residents with Dementia or other communication challenges
  • Website & app access for families and residents to build and save stories online
  • LifeBio journals with life story questions
  • LifeBio Connect interview training for volunteers, family, and staff
  • Life Story Books, Snapshot summaries, and Action Plans created by LifeBio staff
  • Engagement materials, including Story Cards and MemoryBio, for memory care

"LifeBio is a great program that allows our residents to reminisce about the past, express their dreams, and have a wonderful legacy to share with their family. Students who have interviewed our elders have learned history first hand, and felt honored to preserve life stories that may have seemed ordinary at first, but ended up capturing the extraordinary in the process."

Cathy W. Cathy W.
Director of Volunteer Services, Calhoun County Medical Care Facility (Battle Creek, MI)

LifeBio is an evidence-based program designed to improve quality of life for residents in Long-Term and Skilled-Nursing care.

LifeBio offers custom license agreements, which include materials, training, and ongoing support. We are happy to provide you with more information, a sample pack, or a custom quote.

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