LifeBio delivers social support solutions in partnership with government agencies or government-funded entities, especially for people with complex health conditions or those at risk of depression/anxiety or social isolation/loneliness. Citizens benefit from engagement and good conversation for quality in population health management and to address Social Determinant of Health (SDoH) needs. Adults of any age can be served with LifeBio's HIPAA-compliant solutions.

Social isolation and loneliness are linked to $3,100/yr in extra health care and pharma costs per person, while depression is linked to $8,500/yr per person. See solutions below: 

  • MyHello is a social support intervention delivered using ANY phone. Our automated system connects a person to another person for peer-to-peer social support conversations OR MyHello Guides reach out to people for weekly engagement calls for a set intervention period. During that period, MyHello captures specific Social Determinant of Health (SDoH) needs (such as housing, food, transportation, safety, and other issues) and automatically reports them back daily. Pre-surveys and post-surveys measure outcomes such as perceptions of health, satisfaction with life, anxiety, NPS score, and other insights. 

    MyHello is caring, supportive, and understanding, and I would absolutely recommend the program. 
    It’s a good program; we can talk about our feelings without fear.
    They are there to talk to you if you are lonely.
    I have been telling my friends. We talk just like we've known each other forever.

  • Aging Care Solutions from LifeBio supports older adults by engaging citizens by phone or through voice-recording with the LifeBio Memory life story app. Each community has a living library of older adults who can give and share with younger generations if given the opportunity. We celebrate accomplishments and capture life stories. Age-friendly communities, who are seeking intergenerational opportunities or workforce development solutions, will experience the positive impact of bringing younger and older together.

  • Population Health Solutions from LifeBio are customizable to help government agencies assist individuals who receive Medicaid or LTSS benefits with social support in the areas of aging in place solutions, maternal health, employment support, caregiver support, and more. Ask about the scripting that is available for these solutions. We reach out with social support to people ages 18 and up for interventions lasting for a few weeks, to three months, or ongoing.

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LifeBio provides social engagement to improve quality of life.

Custom projects can be designed for your specific government or grant funding situation.

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