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The best autobiography template

If you're seeking an easy way to create your own biography, it is key to cover the important topics of any life story. It all starts with the people who shaped you. Your parents, your grandparents, your siblings, and other relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins) who have been part of your life.


20 questions to ask your parents or grandparents

For a long time, LifeBio had a longer biography process with up to 250 questions. But over time people asked us, "What are some key questions I could ask" my mother, my father, my grandmother, my grandfather, or other people in my life?


Create a Family Cookbook in a PDF

Pull together some of your family's favorite recipes in a family cookbook  using  You can tell the story and the tradition behind why you make certain things at the holidays or anytime of year.  Include pictures of your loved ones eating your favorite foods too!  


Create a Baby Book in a PDF

One the greatest features of LifeBio is the ability to create a baby book with memories and photos and stories--. You can then print it in a PDF file--you don't have to use photo book software and order a hardcover book (but you can do that too with LifeBio). Within minutes you can start building a baby book, preview it in a PDF format, and then print it out on your own.


3 Ideas for National Assisted Living Week 2012

Prepare now for National Assisted Living Week --- September 9-15, 2012. The 2012 theme is "Arts for the Ages".

Think of the incredibly rich lives of older adults. One "artful" way to fit into the theme and do something incredibly meaningful would be to work reminiscence into your programming that week. Ideas abound! Here are some excellent ideas for wellness and for person-centered care efforts too...


Online gifts for grandma, book gifts for grandma

Probably the very best gift you could get from your grandma is her life story.  You want to know what happened before you were born.  You'd like to see her as a whole person, right?  Here are 3 ideas for book gifts for the holidays or really anytime....


Memory Journal - how to write an autobiography

If you are interested in writing an autobiography, the Memory Journal contains 35 main topics and over 250 biography questions.   The best part is it can be transferred to to complete a hardcover leather-bound edition to give to your family and friends.  


What is lifelogging?

What is lifelogging?  "The continuous capture of a large part of your life" according to Alexandra Carmichael. 

Lifelogging can mean wearing a video capture device around your neck or using a technology device or website to record what you did today -- maybe every minute or every hour of the day.


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