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How to Avoid Cognitive Decline

Do you ever walk into a room and suddenly cannot remember why you went there in the first place? Have you ever been talking and mid-sentence you draw a blank as to what you were going to say next? Do you ever misplace simple everyday items, such as your eyeglasses or keys? Are you ever left tongue-tied trying to think of the word you want to say, while you know the meaning you want to convey but the word just isn’t coming to you?


That's What It's All About

As a child did you ever put your right leg in and put your right leg out? Surely at a wedding or some gathering you have put your right leg in and shaken it all about. Have you done the Hokey Pokey and turned yourself about? Some say that’s what it’s all about.


Nancy's Passion for Sewing Never Went "Out of Style"

"I worked as a seamstress at Shamokin Dress Factory for 38 years..."