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Mourning the Losses in the "Hap, Happiest Season of All"​

Today a song came on the radio and I wasn't prepared for how it would make me feel. It was Andy Williams singing, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." I love to sing! I launched into the song at the top of my lungs, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I kept singing, but I was singing through loads of big, fat tears. I was crying a LOT as I kept singing, "It's the hap, happiest season of all!"


Personal Biography Services

YOU Are Special!

Each one of us is a wonderful, unique individual.  The way in which the people, places, and events of our lives have influenced us has made us who we are today.  How we interpret these events creates our world view.  Even so, there are many experiences that are universal, and remarkable historical events that we have all shared.  You are special - and people want to know your story!


Writing Your Autobiography is the Beginning - Not the End!

It’s Time to Tell Your Story!
Have you ever considered writing your autobiography?  Or has someone ever said to you, “You know, you should really write a book!”?  Perhaps you are at the opposite end of the spectrum, and the thought has never even crossed your mind before.  Well, no matter who you are, or what walk of life you come from – it’s time to tell your story!


Reminiscence Therapy in Action in Senior Living and Nursing Homes

Take Advantage of LifeBio in All Areas of Campus
Reminiscence Therapy increases happiness and satisfaction with life, as evidence from LifeBio's study with Iowa State University proved. LifeBio also increases feelings of purpose and meaning. Interestingly, a recent Harvard study found that increased purpose reduces hospitalizations. Lessening loneliness also has major health benefits.


Life stories: 3 tips for writing life stories without delay

Every life deserves a book. So how should we go about creating a life story and avoiding the dreaded blank sheet of paper?


Are Life Stories Really a Priceless Gift?

Why do people do it? Why are thousands of people capturing their life stories right now? Why are they recording it for all time so it won’t be lost or forgotten?
Are they thinking they are famous so they deserve it? Are they thinking that they’d like to have their name remembered for all time? What’s really going on here in the personal history trend that is exploding across America and around the world?