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Wellness Trend -- Reminiscence

I'm at the ICAA Conference in San Diego today (speaking in about 2 hours). I'm going to talk about how wellness impacts ALL dimensions of wellness. With wellness directors especially looking for ways to address emotional and spiritual wellness in wellness programming, it is key to know that capturing life stories and bringing people together in GROUPS to share memories and experiences is a very powerful idea.


Reminiscence: An innovative wellness and health care approach

Reminiscence has been found to lower depression, improve attitudes of people toward caregivers, and increase self esteem. That's why health care companies and hospitals are taking notice of LifeBio's innovative reminiscence programming for individuals and communities. This is cognitive fitness at its finest without all the expense of other brain fitness programs.


4 reasons to incorporate autobiography in your brain fitness program for retirement communities

Brain fitness is a key focus for senior living communities, but providing cognitive challenges is much more than crossword puzzles and trivia. It doesn't have to just be using a computer program. Today, brain fitness programs should incorporate autobiography programming for these 4 reasons.