A Life of Love: Marjorie's Story

My name is Marjorie. I was born in 1929 in Ohio County, Indiana. I have had true love in my life in several ways. I have been blessed with a loving family growing up. When I met and married Jim, we shared true love until he passed away, and that love still remains. I'm also very blessed to have a loving family (4 children, 9 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and still growing). And I have experienced the true love of Jesus for me, and I for Him. Praise the Lord! 



Reminiscence Therapy, Dr. Robert Butler

Dr. Robert Butler, who passed away July 4, 2010, is credited with the idea that reminiscing could be therapeutic. Butler, a psychiatrist with a specialty in geriatric medicine, first spoke of the idea of a "life review" in the 1960s. At the time, psychiatrists did not think it was a good idea for people to always be "living in the past", but Butler disagreed and made it clear that reminiscence was a natural process of healthy aging.


Reminiscence Therapy for Recreation Therapy

Reminiscence therapy activities, life stories for activities

There is growing interest in reminiscence therapy or narrative care in senior living and long term care health care settings. A holistic approach to care is key; the mind body connection cannot be discounted. To that end, here are four proven and universal tools for reminiscence therapy. There is also the option to become a LifeBio Certified Community and gain access to all the below resources.