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The Birth of an Agetech App: The Importance of Research to Inform Development

I’d like to share a few details on the birth of our app, LifeBio Memory, and how research has revolutionized the agile software development process for us at LifeBio, Inc.


A Winter Love Story - Rollie & Penny

Penny: During my sophomore year at Ohio State, I lived in the sorority house where Rollie was the busboy. It was love at first sight. Rollie and I did a lot of coffee dates since Rollie didn’t have much money. When he wasn’t working in the evenings, we went for coffee. Rarely did we go out and have anything to eat because that was not in the budget.


Recording Biographies for People with Alzheimer's

Recording the biographies of people living with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia is an incredibly important process. Some of these memories will be lost forever, and someday your recordings will be all that is left. Here are some helpful tips to make the biography of your loved one as special as possible.