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A Winter Love Story - Rollie & Penny

Penny: During my sophomore year at Ohio State, I lived in the sorority house where Rollie was the busboy. It was love at first sight. Rollie and I did a lot of coffee dates since Rollie didn’t have much money. When he wasn’t working in the evenings, we went for coffee. Rarely did we go out and have anything to eat because that was not in the budget.


Sweet Talk (Reminiscing about Valentine's Days past)

I grew up in a family with three daughters. While you might think that this would mean our home had an excess of shoe boxes pass through it, that never seemed to be the case in time for Valentine’s Day. More than one year we had to search for enough boxes for all three of us girls to decorate for our Valentine’s parties. I recall once even removing all the Kleenex from the box in the bathroom, in order to decorate it for my class party. (My father may have been less enthused to later discover the piles of Kleenex I left askew on the back of the toilet.)