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Community & Government

LifeBio works with community organizations and government agencies to bring social engagement and intergenerational projects to life.

Community building is important, and it starts with forming deep connections between all generations.  With one in three Americans over age 45 experiencing loneliness, and with the significant physical health risks associated with loneliness, LifeBio is working together with mental health agencies or through government programs / grants to address this problem and to promote feelings of wellbeing and social connectedness.

MyHelloLine with Student Interns

A LifeBio student intern interviews her MyHelloLine partner. MyHelloLine is an intervention to increase social connectedness, while decreasing feelings of loneliness and even depression. One of MyHelloLine’s options is to connect a participant with a student intern, who completes weekly calls discussing reminiscent topics, such as childhood memories, work experiences, historical events a person has lived through, and even talking about more current topics.

Government grant funds LifeBio Project

A care facility worker describes how LifeBio has made one of her dreams come true! She explains that she wanted to have information on her residents easily accessible to better serve residents, while also adding to a better working environment for staff. Although that was not previously an option in their facility, LifeBio has made that possible by creating personalized plans based on information generated from individual residents.

LifeBio Project helps Know the Whole Person

A care facility resident, Brenda, receives her LifeBio legacy book, while a staff member reads Brenda’s personal summary page, which will be displayed in her room for staff and visitors to read. LifeBio makes it easier for care facilities to know the whole person, which improves personalized care and quality of life for its residents.

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LifeBio customizes projects for use with Community or Government organizations.

LifeBio provides social engagement and intergenerational projects.

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