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We would love it if you would share the experience of telling your story using LifeBio or the receiving of a Life Story Book, Snapshot, or Action Plan.  It's great to see PHOTOS or VIDEOS of this happening.  If you are an individual or family, we would love that.  If you are at a community / organization and you've helped a person tell and share life stories, it would be great to share this to show your commitment to creating a lasting legacy, delivering person-centered care, and the best in memory care. 

Just share on your own social media sites or share on ours. You can always send us a note through Messenger or send us an email to too!   

Here are our common hashtags we use ---  #lifebio   #lifestories     #memories   #reminiscencetherapy  
And you can use @lifebio to reference our company in your posts. 

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