LifeBio and Music Therapy Helped Me Tell My Story!

7/11/2017 3:15:58 PM,

My name is Rose. I am the very loving daughter in a close-knit Italian family from Massachusetts. My father bravely moved to America when he was 17 to seek a better life and eventually became a landlord and a tailor. After the tragic and unexpected death of my mother while I was a teen, my father and I relied on each other to find comfort, and to learn how to cook and maintain the household for ourselves. I met my husband (with whom my father was very pleased!), and we are still married to this day. We are now the proud parents of two sons, and the proud grandparents of two grandsons.  These days my husband and I reside in Naples, Florida, where we are both happily involved in many exercise-based and social events including the Music Therapy program led by Natalie Spencer!


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